Car Dealerships And Email Marketing |

So what does a car dealership do in order to generate and retain business? What venues are there for car dealers, other than the traditional and well-practiced ones, to promote themselves?Email marketing for car dealerships is a relatively new but profitable and very easy to use method to draw people into a lot and entice them to buy cars. The old business model-buying full-page ads in the local newspaper-no longer works, not with newspapers cutting pages seemingly by the day and ad space tougher to get than ever.And with fewer people than ever reading newspapers, car dealerships and email marketing is a marriage made in heaven because it will lure the younger generation, which is used to relying on the Internet whenever it needs to search for something new, as well as appeal to older people who have either embraced the new technologies and/or grown frustrated with newspapers.Email marketing for car dealerships will allow dealers to stay in constant contact with customers and potential customers and help keep them informed of dealership news and offers. While focusing on the business should always be the main objective of these newsletters, email marketing for car dealerships can also help build the relationship between dealers and buyers, particularly in smaller towns, by taking a folksier, more personal approach and letting subscribers know of good news within the dealership (i.e. when one of the dealers gets married or has a child).The best part about email marketing for car dealerships is how easy it is to implement the software. It can be started by arming each salesman with a pad and a pen and asking anyone with whom he or she meets to write down their email address. It is more routine for someone to give out his or her email address today than it was to give out a phone number 20 years ago.Once armed with this information, anyone in the office with computer training can implement the email marketing software and manage the program-no need to hire a third party to handle things. Each message can be easily customized (with the logo of the dealership, links to the company’s website and telephone contact numbers, just to name three examples) so that recipients know they are getting a real message, not a piece of spam.Whether you are a dealing with new cars from big names such as Hyundai and Toyota, or a used car lot appealing to a more budget-conscious buyer who hopes to buy and coax many more years out of a pre-driven vehicle, email marketing for car dealerships is a viable and productive solution. Look into getting the necessary email marketing software today!

Email Marketing For Afterschool Programs |

Today, though, there is a conscious effort by schools to cut down on the amount of paper they utilize, which makes keeping parents informed of afterschool activities a challenge. So how do schools address this situation? The answer is afterschool programs email marketing!Email marketing afterschool programs makes all the sense in the world, financially and otherwise, for schools and districts. The parents of today’s children remember a world without email, but grew up as email became a dominant force in our lives. They are far more accustomed to communicating via email than by any other method. There won’t be any transition period necessary as a school begins informing parents of afterschool activities with email marketing.Along those lines, this is also a more effective way of informing parents about extracurricular activities. How many times does a piece of paperwork get lost between being handed to a student and the time he or she gets home? It happened a lot when you were a kid and it’s happening just as much today! In addition, the pace of everyday life makes it far more likely PARENTS will misplace forms from the school than a generation ago. But most adults are on the computer more often than not, so email marketing will provide constant reminders of what is going on with afterschool programs.In addition, the software needed for afterschool programs email marketing campaigns doesn’t cost much to implement or execute-certainly far less than it costs to distribute information via the old-fashioned paper trail. With schools continually cutting budgets even in healthy economic times, it’s imperative to spend less on paper and redistribute that money elsewhere, and investing in this software will allow a district to take a giant step towards that goal.The afterschool programs email marketing campaign can be handled by anyone in the office with computer experience-no need to hire outside help for this task-and can easily be personalized as well. Make sure to include the contact information for the school as well as the contact person (coach, director, etc) for the activity. It’s also imperative to allow recipients to forward the message on to others. This will come in handy when parents want to inform other family members who might want to attend their child’s afterschool programs.An afterschool programs email marketing campaign would have seemed unimaginable when today’s educators were children, but the fast-paced nature of 21st century life coupled with the cost-effectiveness of email marketing software makes it the best way to keep parents in the loop about what’s going on at the school after hours. This will solve multiples issues for schools!